10th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. The Midcontinent Rift System: An Overview

William J. Hinze, David J. Allen, Lawrence W. Braile and John Mariano p.3
2. Summary of GLIMPCE Geophysical Investigations of the Midcontinent Rift System in the Lake Superior Region

W.F. Cannon p.7
3. Integrated Potential-Field and Seismic Reflection Studies of the Midcontinent Rift in Eastern Lake Superior

John Mariano and William J. Hinze p.11
4. The Port Coldwell Veins, Northern Ontario: Pb-Zn-Ag Deposits in a Rift Setting

Thompson C. McCuaig and Stephen A. Kissin p.15
5. Relationship Between Native Copper Deposits and Tectonic Development of the North American Midcontinent Rift System

Theodore J. Bomhorst p.19
6. Petrography and Sedimentation of the Middle Proterozoic (Keweenawan) Nonesuch Formation, Western Lake Superior Region: Midcontinent Rift System

Thomas Suszek p.25
7. Structural Geometry of the Superior Zone, Midcontinent Rift System

Albert B. Dickas p.29
8. The Finland Tectono-Magmatic Discontinuity -- A Growth Fault Marking the Western Margin of the Portage Lake Volcanic Basin of the Midcontinent Rift System

James D. Miller Jr., Val W. Chandler, John C. Green and Kathleen Witthuhn p.35
9. The Response to Rifting by the North Shore Volcanics in Minnesota

Kathleen Witthuhn p.41
10. A Review of Sulfide, Platinum Group Element and Oxide Mineralization Along the Western Contact of the Duluth Complex: As Related to Structural Development

S. Hauck, M. Severson, L. Zanko, S.J. Barnes, P. Morton, H. Aiminas, E.E. Foord and E.H. Dahlberg p.47
11. Keweenawan Supergroup Clastic Rocks of the Midcontinent Rift System in Iowa

Raymond R. Anderson p.55
12. Tectonic Implications and Influence of the Midcontinent Rift System in Nebraska and Adjoining Areas

Marvin P. Carlson p.61
13. Volcanic Rocks of the Midcontinent Rift System: A Review

John C. Green p.65
14. Sedimentary Fill of the 1100 Ma (Keweenawan) Midcontinent Rift System in the Lake Superior Region

Richard W. Ojakangas p.69
15. Paleozoic Rifting in New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, U.S.A. and Canada

Patrick J. Barosh p.73
16. In Search of the East Continent Rift Complex: Evidence and Conclusions

Joshua T. Stark p.103
17. The Characteristics of Granite in a Cambrian Rift

M.C. Gilbert p.107
18. The Possible Effect of a Very Old Archean Nucleus on Mesozoic Rifting of Gondwana

John J.W. Rogers p.113
19. Structure of the Pripyat-Dnieper-Donets Rift System and Affiliated Economic Geology

Yuri I. Kholodkov, Igor M. Shakhnovsky, Albert B. Dickas and Boris A. Chernkov p.119
20. Tectonic Setting of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Intraplate Magmatism on Mount Hermon, Northern Israel

Aryeh E. Shimron p.133
21. The Tanganyika, Malawi, Rukwa, and Turkana Rift Zones of East Africa: An Inter-Comparison of Rift Architectures, Structural Styles, and Stratigraphies

Bruce R. Rosendahl, Kurt Kaczmarick and Elias Kilembe p.139


22. Preliminary Investigations of Basement Tectonic Fabric of the Conterminous USA

D.L. Baars, William A. Thomas, James A. Drahovzal and Lee C. Gerhard p.149
23. The Basement Fault Block Pattern: Its Importance in Petroleum Exploration, and Its Delineation With Residual Aeromagnetic Techniques

S.P. Gay, Jr. p.159
24. Geophysical Studies of Reactivated Precambrian Structures in Minnesota

V.W. Chandler p.209
25. Precambrian Structures of Western Ohio

Benjamin H. Richard and Paul J. Wolfe p.215
26. Geology of the Precambrian Basement Beneath the Paleozoic of Southwestern Ontario

R.M. Easton and T.R. Carter p.221
27. Basement Control of Recurrent Faulting, Central Montana

W. John Nelson p.265
28. The Association of Hydrocarbon with Basement Rock of Pre-Phanerozoic Age

Albert B. Dickas p.283
29. The Occurrences of Descendant and Indigenous Hydrocarbon in Precambrian Rocks of China

Guangya Zhang, Albert B. Dickas and Quanmao Chen p.297
30. El Morro: A Tertiary Volcanic Event Controlled by Pre-Paleozoic Crustal Fracturing, San Luis, Argentina

H.G.L. Bassi p.323
31. The Geodynamic Evolution of the Sardinian-Corsican and Calabrian-Peloritan Hercynian Massifs

N. Minzoni p.333
32. Seismic Tomography Study of Basement Tectonics of the Dabie, Ailaoshan, and Longsmenshan Orogens, China

Zhao Yonggui, Wang Sijing, Zhong Dalia, Liu Jianhua, Wu Hun and Liu Futuan p.345


33. Development of Fabric and Structures in Shear Zones

P.J. Hudleston p.355
34. Kinematics of Shear Zones in the Southern Superior Province

P.J. Hudleston and R.L. Bauer p.359
35. Transpression-Induced Ductile Shear in the Boundary Region of the Quetico and Wawa Subprovinces, NE Minnesota - A Response to Local Strain Partitioning

R.L. Bauer and P.J. Hudleston p.367
36. Continuous Proterozoic Strike-Slip Fault - En Echelon Fracture Arrays in Archean Rocks: Implications for Fault Propagation Mechanics and Dike Injection

John P. Craddock and Andrew Moshoian p.379
37. New Data on Vergence of the Late Archean Great Lakes Tectonic Zone

P.K. Sims and W.C. Day p.409
38. Tectonics of the Altun Tagh Fault

Zheng Jiandong p.413


39. Post-Extension Shortening Strains Preserved in Calcites of the Midcontinent Rift

John P. Craddock, Arlene M. Pearson, Michelle G. McGovern, Andrew Moshoian and Katie Donnelly p.419
40. The New Madrid Rift System - Its Role in the Evolution of the Illinois Basin

Dennis R. Kolata and W. John Nelson p.420
41. Structure, Stages of Rifting, and Kinematics, Baikal Rift, Russia

Lev P. Zonenshain and Vladimir G. Kazmin p.421
42. Recent Submersible Studies of Lake Baikal

Lev P. Zonenshain and Vladimir G. Kazmin p.423
43. Evolution and Tectonic Environment of the Late Precambrian Aulacogen System of the North China Craton

Xianglin Qian p.425
44. Relationships Between Microearthquakes and Faults of the Ancient Yishu Rift Valley

Wei Guangxing and Zhou Cuiying p.426
45. Southern Gulf of Suez: Rift Tectonics

W.Meshref, S.M. Sharaf Eldin, E. Refai, Y.E. Abdelhady and H. Hammoud p.427
46. A Retrospective Look at Basement Control on Younger Structures

Richard A. Hoppin p.428
47. Remobilization of Archean Basement Sulphides Into Proterozoic, Silver Vein-Bearing Structures, Cobalt, Ontario

Mark C. Smyk p.430
48. Basement Control on Laramide Deformation in the Powder River and Williston Basins and Adjacent Areas of the Northern Midcontinent - Tectonic Hierarchy in Continental Lithosphere

George W. Shurr and Ivan W. Watkins p.432
49. Basement Structural Trends in Egypt as Obtained from Geopotential Data

Samir Riad and Hassan A. El-Etr p.434
50. Kinematics of the Sinai Microplate

Samir Khawasik and Mohamed El Ghawaby p.435
51. The Structural Setting and Deformational Features of the Hemlo Au-Mo Deposit, Ontario

Mark C. Smyk and Tom L. Muir p.436
52. The Virginia Horn: A Reactivated Archean Fault/Shear Zone

James L. Welsh p.438
53. Early Proterozoic Leptite and Halleflinta (Tuff and Tuffite) Sequences of Southern Finland Reinterpreted as Shear Zones: Significance to Lake Superior Geology

Richard W. Ojakangas and Jukka S. Marmo p.439
54. The Bamble Shear Belt, Southern Norway

Peter Padget p.441