11th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. Late-Orogenic Burial and Exhumation at a Major Variscan Suture Zone

A. Henk p. 3
2. Mylonitic Foliation Development by Heterogeneous Pure Shear Under High-Grade Conditions in Quartzofeldspathic Rocks (Chímparra Gneiss Formation, Cabo Ortegal Complex, NW Spain)

F.J. Fernandez and A. Marcos p. 7
3. Country Rock Displacement During Emplacement of the Joshua Flat Pluton,White-Inyo Mountains, California

E. Stein and S.R. Paterson p.35
4. Superimposed Compressional and Extensional Tectonics in the Karkonosze-Izera Block, NE Bohemian Massif

S. Mazur and R. Kryza p.51
5. Lower Continental Crust Exhumed: Granulite Grade Terranes and Amphibolite Grade Shear Zones in the Anabar Shield, Polar Siberia

O.M. Rosen p.67
6. Structural Setting of the Paleozoic Crystalline Basement of the Northern Apennines (Italy)

F.M. Elter and E. Pandeli p.79
7. Remarks on a Deep Crustal Section Across the Northern Apennines, Italy

M. Coli and F. Caselli p.91
8. Multifractal Analysis of Fault Structures in Basement Rocks

I.R. Stakhovsky p.101
9. Large-Scale Geometry of Migmatites - Implications for the Seismic Properties of Continental Crust

K. Bierbrauer and O. Oncken p.111
10. Seismic Data of the Carpathian Foredeep Basement (Romania)

C. Diaconescu, V. Raileanu, M. Diaconescu, F. Radulescu, A. Pompilian and M. Biter p.125
11. Pre-Paleozoic Crustal Tectonics Controlling Paleozoic and Tertiary Metallogenies in the Central Region of Argentina H.G.L. Bassi p.141
12. Precambrian Basement Control on 'Plains-Type Folds' (Compactional Features)in the Midcontinent Region, USA D.F. Merriam and A. Förster p.149