13th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. Geotectonics and Characteristic Features of Fertile and Non-Fertile Younger Granites, Eastern Desert, Egypt

F.S. Bakhit, H.A. Hussein, M.M. Ali p. 1
2. Structural Associations of the Basement and Sedimentary Cover of the Georgian Part of the Caucasus

L. Basheleishvili p. 25
3. The Eastern Edge of the Rio de la Plata Craton: A History of Tangential Collisions

N. Campal, A. Schipilov p. 33
4. New Data and Interpretations for the Precambrian, Midcontinent U.S.A.

M.P. Carlson, S.B. Treves, R.J. Goble, A. Xu p. 49
5. Allochthonous Units in the Variscan Belt of NW Iberia: Terranes and Accretionary History

J.R. Martinez Catalan, R. Arenas, F. Diaz Garcia, J. Abati p. 65
6. Early Compression and Late Dextral Transpression Within the Grenvillian Event of the Hudson Highlands, New York, U.S.A.

A.E. Gates p. 85
7. Crust-Forming Processes: Basement and Basements in the Southern Appalachian Orogen

R.D. Hatcher p. 99
8. Petrogenesis of Pan-African Granitoids, Gabal Hamra Area, Southwestern Sinai, Egypt

H.A. Hussien, A.G. El Shazly, I.E. El Assy, M.M. El Galy p. 119
9. Geology of the Blue River Gneiss, Eastern Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

E.G. Lidiak, R.E. Denison p. 139
10. Zircon Ages of Basement Orthogneisses from the Northern Segment of the Araguaia Belt, Brazil

C.A.V. Moura, H.E. Gaudette p. 155
11. Damodar Graben - A Centre of Contrasting Magmatism in the Eastern Indian Shield Margin

D. Mukherjee, N.C. Ghose p. 179
12. A New Tectonic Belt in the Baltic Sea Region - Farther Interpretation of the Deep Seismic Results from the "Baltic Sea" and "Babel-B" Profiles

A.A. Ostrovsky p. 203
13. A Geochemical Reconnaissance of the Roseland Anorthosite Complex, Virginia, and Comparisons with Andesine Anorthosites from the Grenville Province, Quebec

B.E. Owens, R.F. Dymek p. 217
14. Basement Tectonic Structures Delineated from Aeromagnetic Survey Data South Eastern Desert, Egypt

S.I. Rabie, A.F. Khalil p. 233
15. Appalachians in the Time Interval Between the Grenville Orogeny and Variscan Collision

N. Rast, J.W. Skehan p. 257
16. Geodynamics of the Early Precambrian: Evidence for the Baltic Shield

E.V. Sharkov p. 277
17. Lead Isotope Mapping of Crustal Reservoirs Within the Grenville Superterrane: II. Adirondack Massif, New York

A.K. Sinha, J.M. McLelland p. 297
18. Paleomagnetism of the Boot-Phantom Pluton and the Amalgamation of the Juvenile Domains in the Paleoproterozoic Trans-Hudson Orogen, Canada

D.T.A. Symons, C.D. MacKay p. 313
19. Dengying Formation Gas System of the Sichuan Basin, Southwest China: Model for Precambrian Indigenous Hydrocarbon Accumulation

G. Zhang, A.B. Dickas, J. Song p. 333
20. Morphology and Isotopic Age of Zircons from Shear-Zones Within Granitoids of the Belomorian Tectonic Zone, Baltic Shield, Russia

T.F. Zinger, V.S. Baikova, B.V. Belyatsky, S.V. Klepinin, J. Gotze, O.A. Levchenkov, I.K. Shuleshko p. 345