17th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents

1. The secular evolution of plate tectonics and the continental crust: An outline
J.F. Dewey
2. Crustal recycling at modern subduction zones applied to the past—Issues of growth and preservation of continental basement crust, mantle geochemistry, and supercontinent reconstruction
D.W. Scholl and R. von Huene
3. Crustal recycling in the Appalachian foreland
W.A. Thomas and T.P. Becker
4. Diagnostic features and processes in the construction and evolution of Oman-, Zagros-, Himalayan-, Karakoram-, and Tibetan-type orogenic belts
M.P. Searle
5. Continental growth and recycling by accretion of deformed turbidite fans and remnant ocean basins: Examples from Neoproterozoic and Phanerozoic
D.R. Gray, D.A. Foster, R. Maas, C.V. Spaggiari, R.T. Gregory, B. Goscombe, and K.H. Hoffmann
6. Pure shear dominated high-strain zones in basement terranes
C.M. Bailey, L.E. Polvi, and A.M. Forte
7. Scale independence of décollement thrusting
J.H. McBride, A.J.M. Pugin, and R.D. Hatcher Jr.
8. The Southern Oklahoma and Dniepr-Donets aulacogens: A comparative analysis
G.R. Keller and R.A. Stephenson
9. Accretionary orogens in space and time
K.C. Condie
10. Petrotectonics, climate, crustal thickness, and evolution of geologically young orogenic belts
W.G. Ernst
11. Accretionary growth and crust formation in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and comparison with the Arabian-Nubian Shield
A. Kröner, B.F. Windley, G. Badarch, O. Tomurtogoo, E. Hegner, B.M. Jahn, S. Gruschka,E.V. Khain, A. Demoux, and M.T.D. Wingate
12. Mid-crustal Late Cretaceous metamorphism in the Nason terrane, Cascades crystalline core, Washington, USA: Implications for tectonic models
H.H. Stowell, G.R. Bulman, C.A. Zuluaga, D.K. Tinkham, R.B. Miller, and E. Stein
13. Earth’s first two billion years—The era of internally mobile crust
W.B. Hamilton
14. Proterozoic accretionary belts in the Amazonian Craton
U.G. Cordani and W. Teixeira
15. Precambrian accretionary history and Phanerozoic structures—A unified explanation for the tectonic architecture of the Nebraska region, USA
M.P. Carlson
16. Precambrian blocks and orogen boundaries in the north-central United States determined from gravity and magnetic data
K. Mickus
17. Variations in lithospheric structure across the margin of Baltica in Central Europe and the role of the Variscan and Carpathian orogenies
M. Grad, A. Guterch, G.R. Keller, and POLONAISE’97 and CELEBRATION 2000 Working Groups
18. The Uppermost Allochthon in the Scandinavian Caledonides: From a Laurentian ancestry through Taconian orogeny to Scandian crustal growth on Baltica
D. Roberts, Ø. Nordgulen, and V. Melezhik
19. Gondwana-derived terranes in the northern Hellenides
F. Himmerkus, B. Anders, T. Reischmann, and D. Kostopoulos
20. Variscan thrust nappes, detachments, and strike-slip faults in the French Massif Central: Interpretation of the lineations
P. Matte
21. Space and time in the tectonic evolution of the northwestern Iberian Massif: Implications for the comprehension of the Variscan belt
J.R. Martínez Catalán, R. Arenas, F. Díaz García, P. González Cuadra, J. Gómez-Barreiro, J. Abati, P. Castiñeiras, J. Fernández-Suárez, S. Sánchez Martínez, P. Andonaegui, E. González Clavijo, A. Díez Montes, F.J. Rubio Pascual, and B. Valle Aguado
22. Paleozoic ophiolites in the Variscan suture of Galicia (northwest Spain): Distribution, characteristics, and meaning
R. Arenas, J.R. Martínez Catalán, S. Sánchez Martínez, F. Díaz García, J. Abati, J. Fernández-Suárez, P. Andonaegui, and J. Gómez-Barreiro
23. Geochemistry of two associated ophiolites from the Cabo Ortegal Complex (Variscan Belt of NW Spain)
S. Sánchez Martínez, R. Arenas, P. Andonaegui, J.R. Martínez Catalán, and J.A. Pearce
24. U-Pb chronometry of polymetamorphic high-pressure granulites: An example from the allochthonous terranes of the NW Iberian Variscan Belt
J. Fernández-Suárez, R. Arenas, J. Abati, J.R. Martínez Catalán, M.J. Whitehouse, and T.E. Jeffries
25. Flexural to broken foreland basin evolution as a result of Variscan collisional events in northwestern Spain
M. Keller, H. Bahlburg, C.D. Reuther, and A. Weh
26. The Notre Dame arc and the Taconic orogeny in Newfoundland
C.R. van Staal, J.B. Whalen, V.J. McNicoll, S. Pehrsson, C.J. Lissenberg, A. Zagorevski, O. van Breemen, and G.A. Jenner
27. The Cat Square terrane: Possible Siluro-Devonian remnant ocean basin in the Inner Piedmont, southern Appalachians, USA
A.J. Merschat and R.D. Hatcher Jr.
28. Rifted-margin architecture, cover stratigraphy, and structure of basement culminations, frontal Appalachian Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA
J.F. Tull
29. Tectonic map of the southern and central Appalachians: A tale of three orogens and a complete Wilson cycle
R.D. Hatcher Jr., B.R. Bream, and A.J. Merschat
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