3rd Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


I. Detection and Significance of Linear Features in LANDSAT-2 Images Recorded Over Selected Areas in Northern Italy

A. Cavallin, F. Forcella, C.M. Marino, and P.M. Rossi p.3
2. Air Photo Linears and Lineaments of the Central Eastern Desert, Egypt

Hassan El-Etr and Dalai Yosin Mohammed p.5
3. LANDSAT Images for Studying Geofracture Zones in the Mediterranean Area: Comparison With Geological and Geophysical Data

A. Fontanel, J. Letouzey, J.C. Rivereau and Bekir Ozer p.7
4. Lineament Analysis in Central Sudan

El Mardi Hassan p.9
5. Review and Synthesis of Tectonic Lineaments of the World: A Preliminary Report

Richard A. Hoppin and Karl L. Pan p.11
6. Towards a Workable Lineament Symbology

D.W. O'Leary and J.D. Friedman p.29
7. A Procedure for Analyzing Fault-Controlled Lineaments and the Activity of Faults

D. Burton Slemmons p.33
8. Remote Sensing Analysis of Fault Activity and Lineament Pattern of the Epicentral Region of the 1872 Pacfic Northwest Earthquake

D. Burton Slemmons, Gary C. Carver, Charles E. Glass, Dennis T. Trexler, and David D. Tillson p.51
9. W. H. Flobbs Revisited: Fracture Studies in Western Connecticut and Massachusetts

Donald U. Wise and Arthur G. Goldstein p.65
10. Use of Space Photographs for Study of Regional and Global Systems of the Earth's Lineaments

V. Ya. Yeromenko and Gen. N. KatterfieId p.67
11. Topographic Lineament Analysis of the State of Washington, U. S. A.

John T. Zellmer, Glenn Roquemore, and
D. Burton Slemmons


12. Sampling and Statistical Analysis of Multi-Modal Orientation Data

Mohamed A. Abdel-Rahman and
Alan M. Hay
13. LANDSAT Lineaments of the Northern Red Sea and Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba Triple Junction Region

Hassan A. El-Etr, Mohamed A. Abdel-Rahman and Mahmoud S. Yousif p.87
14. The Use of Ronchi Rulings in Geologic Lineament Analysis

Howard A. Pohn p.89
15. Geologic Uses of Linear-Feature Maps Derived From Small- Scale Images

Don L. Sawatzky and Gary L. Raines p.91


16. A Statistical Study of the Relations Between Basement Fractures, Aeromagnetic Lineaments, and Tectonic Patterns, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

Mohamed A. Abdel-Rahman, Abdel Aziz A. Hussein, and Hassan A. El-Etr p.103
17. The Penobscot Lineament Zone, Maine

Patrick J. Barosh p.119
18. Topographic and Aeromagnetic Lineaments and Their Relationship to Bedrock Geology in a Glaciated Precambrian Terrane, North-Eastern Minnesota

R.W. Cooper, G.B. Morey, and P.W. Weiblen p.137
19. PER-System Analysis of Morphology of the Grand Canyon Region, Arizona

Radan Kvet p.149
20. Differentiation Between Geomorphologic Alignments and Lineaments by Ground-Truth Evaluation of Remotely Sensed Features

Jon R. Lovegreen, Dennis J. Lachel, George E. Brogan, and Michael M. Katzman p.151
21. Fissuring of Sedimentary Layers of the Lithosphere and Local, Regional, and Global Manifestations of Its Regularities and Evolution (With Reference to South-Eastern Middle Asia of U.S.S.R.)

Vassily P. Miroshnichenko p.153
22. The Tensile Origin of Fracture-Controlled Lineaments

Amos Nur p.155
23. Field Analysis of a Pronounced Topographic Lineament, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Donald B. Potter, Jr., and George E. McGill p.169
24. Lineaments as Basement-Block Boundaries in Western South Dakota

George W. Shurr p.177
25. Lineaments and Brittle Structural Evolution of a Portion of the Middle Atlantic Seaboard Region, Delaware and Pennsylvania

Allan M. Thompson p.185
26. Cross-Strike Structural Discontinuities in Thrust Belts, With Special Reference to the Appalachians

Russell L. Wheeler, Margaret Winslow, Ralph R. Horne, Stuart Dean, Byron Kulander, James A. Drahovzal, David P. Gold, Oscar E. Gilbert, Jr., Eberhard Werner, R. Sites and William J. Perry, Jr. p.191
27. Block Structure of the Bohemian Massif

Jaroslav Zeman p.199


28. Correlation of Basement Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Walter R. Fillippone p.213
29. Two Major Lineaments in the South of Ireland and Their Influence on Paleozoic Deposition, Structure and Mineralization

Piers R.R. Gardiner p.215
30. Megajointing Analysis: An Effective Method of Oil, Gas, and Minerals Forecast

G.I. Gorbunov, J.A. Dranovsky, S.I. Makievsky, G.R. Mirkin, V.I. Yakushev, and S.Q. Tchernishevsky p.217
31. Some Examples of Applying PER-Systems Analysis for Prospecting in Czechoslovakia

Radan Kvet and Vaclav Nemec p.219
32. Operational Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for Predicting Mine Ground-Hazard Areas

Richard Rinkenberger p.221
33. Basement Structure-Topography and Hydrocarbon Emplacement

G. E. Thomas p.223


34. New Data on Major Basement Fractures in the Tectonic Development of Eastern Kansas

P. Berendsen, F.W. Wilson, H.L. Yarger and D.W. Steeples p.227
35. Principal Types of Largest Linear and Ring Structures of the Earth's Continental Crust

V. Dolivo-Dobrovol'sky and S.I. Strel'nikov p.241
36. Circular Landscape Features as Conduits of Mantle Degassing

J. W. Gabelman p.247
37. Influence of Regional Tectonics on the Geologic Structure of the Columbia Plateau, Washington, U. S. A.

C.E. Glass, D.B. Slemmons, C.0. Sanders and D.D. Tillson p.249
38. LANDSAT Lineaments and Geological Structures in Part of Czechoslovakia Analyzed Using the PER-System Concept

R.A. Hodgson and R. Kvet p.251
39. Geophysical Studies of Basement Tectonics in the Indian Peninsular Shield

L.M. Kailasam p.253
40. Tectonic ModeI of the Halls Creek Mobile Zone, Northwest Australia, and Its Comparison With the Athapuscow Aulacogen of the Northwest Canadian Shield

M.B. Katz p.255
41. Structural Control of Terrestrial "Astroblemes" (Crypto-Explosion Structures) and Some Correlations With the Moon

L. Kopecky p.269
42. Tectonic-Metamorphic Evolution of the Southern Part of the Nagssugtoqidian Mobile Belt in Central West Greenland

J.A. Korstgard and K. Sorensen p.271
43. Geoscience Applications of Space Technology: A Look Ahead

P.D. Lowman p.273
44. The Origin and Early Evolution of Continents

P.D. Lowman p.275
45. Modern River Valleys as Guides to Zones of Recent Graben-Like Movements: Evidence From Geodetic Releveling

L. Loyda p.287
46. Basement Control of Structural Features Near the Boundaries of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona

I . Lucchitto p.291
47. Basement Control of the Colorado Plateau Drainage

A.R.M. Maarouf p.301
48. Old Impacts as a Cause of Some Terrestrial Lineaments

J.W. Norman p.303
49. Structural Significance of Lineament and Aeromagnetic Patterns in the Mississippi Embayment

D.W. O'Leary and T.G. Hildenbrand p.305
50. Neotectonic Subsidence in the Pampas (Pampean Plain) of Argentina

P. Pasotti p.315
51. Tectonic and Volcanic Evolution of the Tharsis Province of Mars: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

R.J. Phillips, K. Blasius, M. Carr, G. Eaton, C. Gilbert, M. Malin, T. McGetchin, R.S. Saunders, N. Sleep, S. Solomon, and
D.U. Wise
52. Core-Tangent Planes as Keys to Earth Tectonics

G.E. Rouse and R.E. Bisque p.325
53. Basement Fabric of the Southern Colorado Plateau

E.M. Shoemaker and G.A. Swann p.327
54. Gravity, Stress, and Earthquakes in Washington State and Surrounding Areas

G. Simmons, D. Tillson, V. Murphy, G. Leblanc, J. Doherty, J. Sharp, G. Klimkiewicz, H. Wang, H. Illfelder, and
E. Roeloff
55. Pre-Carboniferous Paleotectonics of the San Juan Basin

G.M. Stevenson and D.L. Baars p.331
56. Basement Faults Along the Appalachian-Ouachita Continental Margin

W.A. Thomas p.347
57. Normal Fault System in the Eastern Main Ranges of the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

T. N. Westervelt p.357
58. Paleorifts Generating Continental Crust

J. Zeman p.359


59. A New Look at the Triassic Border Fault of Northcentral Massachusetts

J.A. MacFadyen, J.E. Thomas, Jr., and
E.M. Washer
60. A Note on Terrane-Related Joint Zones and Their Classification

M. Plicka p.375
61. Jointing in the Sudbury Basin, Ontario

D.H. Rousell and R.A. Everitt p.381
62. Style Elements of Systematic Joints: An Analytic Procedure With a Field Example

R.L. Wheeler and S.M. Holland p.393