5th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. Architecture of the Egyptian Basement Complex

S. El-Gaby p.1
2. Tectonic Patterns Inferred from Potential Field Analysis for Different Depths in Egypt

Y.E. Abdelhady, A. Tealeb and A.M. Sabri p.9
3. Strength of Basement Rock in Egypt

J.J. Gallagher, Jr. p.17


4. Geological History and Structural Evolution of the Qattara Depression, Egypt, Interpreted from Gravity and Drillhole Data

M.M. Youssef and A. El-Hussaini p.31
5. Ophiolite Melange Complex, Wadi Mubarak Area, Eastern Desert

R.M. El Bayoumi and S.M. Hassanein p.45
6. Structure of Wadi El Kereim Environs, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt

A.B. Salman and F.S. Bakhit p.53
7. K/AR Dating of Gabbro and Granodiorite, Umm Rus Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

O.A. Kamel and others p.61
8. Ultrabasic and Basic Intrusions in the Eastern Desert, Egypt

A.A. Ahmed p.69
9. Geology and Lithostratigraphy of the Precambrian Around Wadi Umm Gheig, Eastern Desert, Egypt

A.H.M. Noweir, M.F. Ghoneim and M.A. El Anwar p.77
10. Structural setting of the Hafafit Gneisses, Eastern Desert, Egypt

M.L. Abdel-Khalek and M. Abdel-Wahed p.85
11. Structure and Metamorphism of a Precambrian Sequence in Wadi El Miyah, Barramiya Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

A.M.A. Hafez and H. El Amin p.105
12. Proterozoic Ophiolitic Melange and Associated Rocks of Gebel Ghadir Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

E.Z. Basta and others p.115
13. Geology of Wadi Igla Area

M.L. Abdel Khalek and A.M.A. Hafez p.125
14. Meatiq Mantled Gneiss Dome, Eastern Desert, Egypt

S. El-Gaby and O. El-Nady p.131
15. Bouguer Anomalies and Subsurface Structure in the North Western Desert of Egypt

El-Sayed Abdelrahman and S. Riad p.137


16. Basement Structure of Some Egypt - P.D.R. of Yemen - Sultanate of Oman Areas Resulting from Aeromagnetic Data

I.Giori and F. Guy p.143
17. Faulting Effect on Neogene Sedimentation in the Offshore Ras Benas Peninsula, Red Sea, Indicated by Seismic and Gravity Data

M.M. Khattab p.155
18. Shear Zones Indicated by a Dipmeter Survey in the Basement of the Gulf of Suez

S. Luthi p.167
19. The Hijaz Subduction Zone, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

H.O. Sindi p.175


20. Asthenospheric Upwelling, Lineament Reactivations, Magmatic Episodes and Ore-Mineral Localization in Proterozoic Basin Evolution on the Archean Indian Shield

S. Bhattacharji p.187
21. Precambrian Lineaments of Northeast Sudan Based on Study of Landsat Imageries

F. Ahmed p.201
22. Lineaments of Northwest Yugoslavia and Their Relationship to Some Field Measured Structural Elements

M. Poljak p.207
23. Ductile Deformation Versus Nappe Tectonics in the Central Eastern Alps (Austria and Italy)

B.L. Lammerer p.215


24. Rifting and Basin Formation Along the South Atlantic Continental Margins

D.Bahat p.221
25. Magnetic Lineaments from Satellite (MAGSAT) Data and Basement Tectonic Features of Northeast South America

P.J. Barosh and N.L.E. Harali p.229
26. Iapetan Aulacogens and Fracture Zones in the Canadian Shield

S. Kumarapeli p.235
27. Structural Interpretation of Magnetic and Gravity Data of New England -- Case Histories

P.J. Barosh p.245
28. Basement Fault Block Control of Sedimentation in the Oil-Bearing Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

H. McQuillan p.259
29. Transcontinental Transform Fault Across North America

G.L. Kinsland p.267


30. Photogeological Approach to Structural Analysis of Polydeformed Domains

R. Greiling p.285


31. Fundamental Structural Frameworks: A Guide to Cost-effective Minerals Exploration

R.A. Hodgson p.293
32. Results From Geological, Geophysical and Hydrogeological Investigations of Fracture Zones in Crystalline Rock in Sweden

K. Ahlbom and H.S. Carlsson p.294
33. Geology of the Wadi Mubarak Arc Assemblage, Eastern Desert, Egypt

M.K. Akaad, A.M. Noweir and A.M. Rashad p.294
34. Influence of the Jemez Lineament on Tectonism, Volcanism and Mineralization in New Mexico, USA

M.J. Aldrich and A.W. Laughlin p.294
35. Gravity Evidence for the Primary Fracture Pattern of Australia

V. Anfiloff p.294
36. Lineaments as Indication of Late Precambrian Tectonic Activity Along the Trollfjord - Komagelv Fault (North Norway) and of Seismic Activity on Heerland (Svalbard)

D. Arstad p.295
37. Plate Tectonics and Petroleum Occurrences in the Persian Gulf

Y. Avedissian p.295
38. Basement Control of Cretaceous and Early Tertiary Basins in the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plains, USA

P.J. Barosh p.295
39. The Origin of Rhomb-Shaped Grabens

Y. Bartov and others p.296
40. The Relation Between Precambrian Convergent and Cenozoic Divergent Plate Boundaries in North Ethiopia

M. Beyth p.296
41. Crustal Structures in the Red Sea Transitional Region

E. Bonatti and K. Crane p.297
42. Fracture Analysis of the Ana-Sira Anorthosite Complex, Southwest Norway

K.Y. Buer and I.V. Ramberg p.297
43. Basement Complex in East Sabaloka, North of Khartoum, and Its Relation to the Basement Complex in South Sudan and the Red Sea Hills

A.S. Dawoud p.297
44. Tectonic History and Classification of the Egyptian Basement: A New Approach

R.M. El Bayoumi p.297
45. Review of Lineation Analysis in Egypt

H.A. El-Etr p.298
46. The Aswa Megalineament, Uganda

H.A. El-Etr and S. Sinabanta p.298
47. Aeromagnetic Survey of the East Part of Qena-Safaga Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

B. El Din, A. El Hakim and A.F. El Saharty p.298
48. Granite and Granitoid Rock in Egypt: A Statistical Approach of Classification

H.M. El Shatoury, M.E. Mostafa and F.E. Nasr p.299
49. A Tectonic Hypothesis to Explain the Earth's Crustal Movement Based on the Response of the Earth's Gravitational Field to an External Field

E.F. Engbrecht p.299
50. Relationship Between Cross-Strike Lineaments and the Distribution of Oil and Gas Fields in Northwest Pennsylvania

S.M. Famy and D.P. Gold p.300
51. Arabian and Canadian Type of Stable Regions

A. Fouda p.300
52. Basement Control of Faulting, Structure and Lithology of Petroleum-Bearing Rocks in the Midcontinent, USA

S.P. Gay, Jr. p.301
53. Simultaneous Viewing of Structural Contour Maps and Three-Dimensional Aeromagnetic Data

S.P. Gay, Jr. p.301
54. The Anatomy of the Tyrone-Mount Union Lineament, Central Pennsylvania, USA

D.P. Gold and M.R. Canich p.301
55. Tectonic History of El Hudi Nappe, East of Aswan, Egypt

M.E. Habib, S. El Gaby and M. Ghazaly p.302
56. Seismotectonic Framework of the Red Sea Coast and South Sinai, Egypt

E.M. Ibrahim, A.M. Megahed and Adel Abu El-Fadl p.302
57. Dike Orientations in Basement Rocks of the Adirondack Dome, New York, and Regional Paleostrain History as Deduced from Their K/AR Ages

Y.W. Isachsen and D. Seidemann p.303
58. Basement Tectonics and Mineralization Zones of South Peninsula of India

D. Jayakumar p.303
59. Enlargement of PER Systems Model

R. Kvet p.303
60. Landsat Lineaments of Scandinavia Analyzed Using the PER Systems Model

R. Kvet and L. Kopecky p.304
61. The Cochise Stress Province, Southeast Arizona and Southwest New Mexico

A.W. Laughlin and M.J. Aldrich, Jr. p.304
62. Basement Structures as Controls of the Emplacement Pattern of Anorogenic Magmas in Egypt, Nigeria, Norway and New England

T.M. Lutz p.304
63. Neotectonic Movement of the East Arabian Countries

M. Maamoun and others p.305
64. Inherited Variscan-Allegheny Structures and Their Impact on the Origin of The Atlantic Passive Margin

W. Manspeizer p.305
65. The Role of Basement Fracturing in Oil Production From the Oil Fields of the Zagros Fold Belt in Southwest Iran

H. McQuillan p.305
66. Basement Structure of Egypt and Its Relation to Red Sea Transverse Tectonics

M.E. Mostafa and others p.306
67. Use of the Piezomagnetic Effect to Determine Fault-Related Stress Changes

S.M. Narbut and R.J. Martin III p.306
68. Basement Fracturing in North Africa-Arabia Induced by Counterclockwise Movements in the Mantle

D. Neev and J.K. Hall p.306
69. Joint, Lineament and Fault Systems: Hierarchy and Evolution

A. Nur p.307
70. Tectonic Control of Neogene Sedimentation Along the Egyptian Coast of the Red Sea

E. Philobbos and A. El Haddad p.307
71. Origin of Large-Scale Fracture Patterns (Transform Faults)

A.S.P. Rao p.308
72. Color Enhanced Landsat Scenes of Egypt

R.J. Reed, P.G. Harrison and J.J. Gallagher, Jr. p.308
73. Gravity-Tectonic Trend Analysis in Uganda

S. Riad and H. El Etr p.308
74. Structural Control of the Hot Spring at Hammam Faraon, Sinai, Egypt

A. Samir, S. Riad and O. El Badry p.308
75. Geological and Tectonic Development of the Uweinat-Birsafsaf Uplift, Western Desert, Egypt

H. Schandelmeier p.309
76. Some Major Lineament Patterns in the Sinai Peninsula: Their Nature, Origin and Regional Significance

A.E. Shimron and Y. Mimran p.309
77. Earthquake Activity Around Aswan Lake

D.W. Simpson and others p.309
78. Direct Evidence for Early Proterozoic Crust in the East Arabian Shield

J.S. Stacey and C.E. Hedge p.309
79. The Paradox Pull-Apart Basin: Pennsylvanian Rejuvenation of Basement Lineaments

G.M. Stevenson and D.L. Baars p.310
80. Meatiq Dome: A Tectonic Window Into the Latest Proterozoic Central Eastern Desert of Egypt

N.C. Sturchio p.310
81. Types and Sequence of Fracture Development in Phanerozoic Basement and Cover Rocks, Middle Atlantic Seaboard, USA

A.M. Thompson p.311
82. Basement Tectonics Used in Site Selection Studies for the Final Disposal of Highly Active Nuclear Waste, Finland

P. Vuorela p.311
83. Tectonics, Sedimentation, and Sea Level Changes, Cretaceous Basin, Western Interior, USA

R.J. Weimer p.312