6th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents

1. Role of Recurrent Movement on Northwest-Trending Basement Faults in the Tectonic Evolution of Southwestern Wyoming

Christopher J. Schmidt and John M. Garihan p.1
2. Lineament Analysis and Structural Mapping of the Trans-Idaho Discontinuity and Their Implications for Regional Tectonic Models

Charles F. Pitz and Richard L. Thiessen p.16
3. Late Archean Tectonic Emplacement of the Stillwater Complex Along Reactivated Basement Structures, Northern Beartooth Mountains, Southern Montana, U.S.A.

John W. Geissman and David W. Mogk

4. Surface Structures Along the Western Portions of the Florence Pass and Thermopolis Lineaments, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Richard A. Hoppin,
Kevin L. Putney, and
Donald E. Sabol, Jr.
5. Evidence for Laramide Transpression in West Texas and Adjacent Mexico

Patricia Wood Dickerson p.52
6. Trans-Adirondack Mountains Structural Discontinuities

Robert H. Fakundiny p.64
7. Different Slip Senses on Major Faults During Different Orogenies: The Rule?

William R. Muehlberger p.76
8. Structural Development of Paleozoic Continental Basins of Eastern North America

Robert C. Shumaker p.82
9. Structural Styles Arising From the Reactivation of Basement Faults: Preliminary Experimental Results

David McConnell p.96
10. The Jemez Lineament: Structural Boundaries and Control on Sedimentary Facies, Tectonism, and Mineralization

M. T. Aldrich, Jr., A. W. Laughlin, J. S. Meade, and H. W. Peirce p.104
11. Geological Development and Block Structure of the Cenozoic Ohre Rift (Czechoslovakia)

Lubomir Kopecky p.114
12. Basement Faulting in Kentucky

Douglas F. B. Black p.125
13. Oil in Dolomitized Limestone Reservoirs in Kentucky

Douglas F. B. Black p.140
14. Relative Timing of Tectonic Events in Newly Recognized Precambrian Terranes in South-Central Kansas, USA, As Determined By Residual Aeromagnetic Data

S. Parker Gay, Jr. p.153
15. Basement Influence on Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralization in East Tennessee

C. Stephen Haase and Kenneth O. Hasson p.168
16. A Study of Residual Gravity Maps to Delineate Deep Controls of Ore Deposits in the Colorado Mineral Belt

Jan Kutina

17. Geology of Basement Rocks of Eastern Saghro, Anti-Atlas (Morocco)

F. Benziane and A.Mahmood p.189