7th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. Tectonics of Some Spatial Arrays

M.J. Rickard p.1
2. Counterclockwise Converging Basement Fracturing Patterns Across the Arabian Peninsula and Eastern Iran

D. Neev and J.K. Hall p.13
3. Evidence of Large Horizontal Earth Movements

William H. Byler p.33
4. The Significance of NE-SW Parallel Fractures in the West African Craton

A.O. Adjei p.49
5. The Mutito and Ikoo Faults in the Pan-African Mozambique Belt, Eastern Kenya

E.M. Mathu p.61
6. Rift Related Magmatism and the Petrogenesis of Lavas from the Kiejo Eruptive, Rungwe Volcanic Province, S.W. Tanzania

D.C. Crabtree and W. Chesworth p.71
7. Deformation and Intrusion in Deeply Buried Rocks: Creep, High-Angle Ductile and Brittle Shear, and Congruent Shear Arrays

B.C. Wilson, H. Heimstaedt and J.M. Dixon p.83
8. Western Himalaya Basement Reactivation

Ravindra Kumar p.95
9. The Karakoram Crustal Fracture: Oblique Convergence in the Asiatic Tethys

R.C. Bostrom p.111
10. Tectonic Evolution of Northwestern South America

John (Jack) J. Gallagher and Peter R. Tauvers p.123
11. Fracture Patterns on the Canadian Shield: A Lineament Study with Landsat and Orbital Radar Imagery

Paul D. Lowman, Jr., Peter J. Whiting, Nicholas M. Short, Anne M. Lohmann and Gregory Lee p.139
12. The 1,800 Ma Mylonite-Anatectic Granitoid Association in Tandilia, Argentina

L.H. Dalla Salda, J.R. Franzese and V.G. de Posadas p.161
13. The Gabbro-Dolerite Magmatism of the Foum Zguid Region: Relation to Deep Structure of Morocco and Possible Potential for Cobalt, Nickel and Platinum-Group Metals

Jan Kutina, Abdelhak Bennani, K. Fredriksson and J. Nelen,D.W. Golightly, F.W. Brown, Z.A. Brown, Nonna Rait and Roosevelt Moore p.175


14. Speculations on the Origin of the Anadarko Basin

M. Charles Gilbert p.195
15. Fundamental Crustal Lineaments and Transverse Structural Zones in Continental Rifts

Joseph A. Cartwright p.209
16. Tectonic Controls on the Lake Victoria Basin

Nina M. Rach p.219
17. Basement Extension on the Newfoundland Continental Margin (Canadian East Coast)

Michael E. Enachescu p.227


18. Structural Fabric of the North American Continent, as Defined by Gravity Trends

M.D. Thomas, R.A.F. Grieve and V.L. Sharpton p.257
19. Neotectonic Framework of the United States

Patrick J. Barosh p.277
20. Jurassic History of the Central Sierra Nevada and the 'Nevadan' Orogeny

George V. Albino p.289
21. Eastern Canadian Cordillera: Implications of a Balanced Basement

Lambertus C. Struik p.305
22. Geology of the Quesnel Lake Region, Central British Columbia: Geometry and Implications

John V. Ross, S.L. Garwin and P.D. Lewis p.311
23. Regional Digital Analysis of Major Crustal Structures in Washington State

D.E. Beaver, J.R. Eliason and R.L. Thiessen p.329
24. Possibilities of Similar Rift Histories for the Central North American Rift System in Kansas and the Hartville Uplift in Wyoming

D.D. Humphris and Gary L. Kinsland p.344
25. The Duchesne Lineament - Utah and Colorado

Robert A. Hodgson p.353
26. Appalachian Grenville Massifs: Pre-Appalachian Translational Tectonics

Mervin J. Bartholomew and Sharon E. Lewis p.363
27. The Origin of the Pine Mountain Window: An Internal Basement Massif Within the Piedmont of Alabama and Georgia

Robert J. Hooper and Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. p.375
28. Recurrent Igneous Activity and Movements on Deep Faults Inherited from the Sutton Mountains Triple Junction

P. Stephen Kumarapeli and Karen St. Seymour p.385
29. Structural Control of Mesozoic Magmatism in New England

J. Gregory McHone and Sally N. Shake p.399
30. Northwest-Trending Basement Fracture Zones in the Eastern United States and Their Role in Controlling Neotectonic Movement and Earthquakes

Patrick J. Barosh p.409
31. Geophysical Investigations of the Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province: Quebec to Northern New York State

D.A. Forsyth, M.D. Thomas, D. Abinett, J. Broome, J. Halpenny and D. Real p.425
32. Regional Structural Reconnaissance of the Southwestern Grenville Province Using Remotely Sensed Imagery

J.Harris, D. Graham, R. Newton, S. Yatabe and H. Miree p.441
33. Basement Influence on the Supracrustal and Plutonic Evolution and Deformation of an Archean Greenstone Belt

E.H. Chown and Wulf Mueller p.465