8th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. Evolution of Convergent Plates

W. B. Hamilton p.3
2. Ancient Collisional Continental Margins in the Canadian Shield: Geophysical Signatures and Derived Crustal Transacts

M. D. Thomas p.5
3. Tectonothermics of Modern and Ancient Continental Margins

M. J. Drury p.27
4. Geochronological Studies of Fault-Related Rocks

P. D. Fullagar p.37
5. The Importance of Subduction-Related Margin-Parallel Shear Zones Along Transpressional Convergent Plate Margins

V.L. Hansen p.51
6. Kinematic Indicators in Shear Zones

C. K. Mawer p.67
7. Zone of Weakness Concept: A Review and Evaluation

J. J. Prucha p.83
8. Petrogenetic Evaluation of Trace Element Discrimination Diagrams

F. Ö. Dudás p.93
9. Metallogeny at Precambrian and Mesozoic Continental Margins

J.M. Guilbert p.129


10. Post-Archean Crustal Evolution, Terrane Accretion, and Metamorphism of the Western Cordillera, With Emphasis on Northern and Central California

W. G. Ernst p.145
11. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Intrusions and Batholiths of the Circum-Pacific Region as Analogues of Pre- Phanerozoic Batholiths: A Summary

D. A. Brew p.169
12. Island-Arc Evolution and Fracture-Zone Tectonics in the Mesozoic Sierra Nevada, California, and Implications for Transform Offset of the Sierran/Klamath Convergent Margins

Y. Dilek and E. M. Moores p.179
13. Problems Concerning Collisional vs. Noncollisional Deformation at Continental-Margin Orogens, with an Example from the Mesozoic Cordilleran Orogen

S. H. Edelman p.197
14. Plutonism Across the Tujunga-North American Terrane Boundary: A Middle to Upper Crustal View of Two Juxtaposed Magmatic Arcs

J.L. Anderson A.P. Barth, E.D. Young, E.E. Bender, M.J. Davis, D.L. Farber, E.M. Hayes and K.A. Johnson p.205
15. Geophysical Investigations of the Cratonic Margin in the Pacific Northwest (USA)

R.L. Thiessen, K. R. Johnson, and G. B. Mohl p.231
16. Sedimentation and Basin Evolution Along the Mesozoic Margin of Western North America

W. L. Bilodeau p.241
17. Thick-Skinned Overstep Tectonics in the Jurassic Winnemucca Fold-and-Thrust Belt, North-Central Nevada, U.S.A.: Evidence from the Sonoma Range

S. D. Stahl p.249


18. Generation of Granitoids at Archean Continental Margins in Southern Africa

D. R. Hunter p.265
19. The Northern Wyoming Province: Contrasts in Archean Crustal Evolution

D. W. Mogk, P. A. Mueller, J. L. Wooden, and D. R. Bowes p.283
20. Evidence for the Amalgamation of Archean Oceanic and Continental Blocks to Form the Beartooth Plateau

J. K. Meen p.299
21. Precambrian Geology and Ductile Normal Faulting in the Southwest Corner of the Beartooth Uplift, Montana

E. A. Erslev p.313
22. Geochemistry and Origin of Amphibolite and Ultramafic Rocks, Branham Lakes Area, Tobacco Root Mountains, Southwestern Montana

M.L. Cummings and W. R. McCulloch p.323
23. Multiple Reactivation of a Collisional Boundary: An Example from Southwestern Montana

B. C. McBride, C. J. Schmidt, G. E. Guthrie, and M. K. Sheedlo p.341
24. Long-Lived Basement Weak Zones and Their Role in Extensional Magmatism in the Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon Territory

C. F. Roots and R. I. Thompson p.359
25. Geotectonies of the Cratonic Margin from Paleomagnetism of the Middle Proterozoic Aldridge (Prichard) Formation and Moyie Sills of British Columbia and Montana

D. T. A. Symons and E. A. Timmins p.373
26. Impact Origin of Large Intracratonic Basins, the Stationary Proterozoic Crust, and the Transition to Modern Plate Tectonics

J.W. Sears and D. Alt p.385


27. Late Precambrian Tectonism - The Opening of the Iapetus Ocean

N. Rast p.395
28. Transition from Alluvial to Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Lower Lynchburg Group (Upper Proterozoic), Virginia

F. Wehr p.407
29. The Robertson River Igneous Suite (Blue Ridge Province, Virginia) - Late Proterozoic, Anorogenic (A-Type) Granitoids of Unique Petrochemical Affinity

R. P. Tollo and S. Arav p.425
30. Structural Characterization of the Late Proterozoic (Post-Grenville) Continental Margin of the Laurentian Craton

M. J. Bartholomew p.443
31. Effect of the Transylvania Fracture Zone on Evolution of the Western Margin of the Central Appalachian Basin

S. L Root p.469
32. Late Paleozoic Destruction of the Western Proto-Atlantic Margin in the Southern Appalachians

S. A. Kish p.481
33. The Pine Mountain Window of Alabama: Basement-Cover Evolution in the Southernmost Exposed Appalachians

M. G. Steltenpohl p.491
34. Tectonic Implications of the Brittle Fracture History of the Permian Narragansett Pier Granite, Rhode Island

M. J. Hozik p.503
35. Comparison of Sedimentary Petrologic Sequences Produced in Mesozoic Extensional and Convergent Tectonic Settings in North America

P. T. Ryberg p.527
36. Structure of the Mesozoic Marietta-Tryon Graben, South Carolina and Adjacent North Carolina

J.M. Garihan and W. A. Ranson p.539


37. Strain Pattern in the Purbeck-Isle of Wight Monocline: A Case Study of Folding Due to Dip-Slip Fault in the Basement

M. S. Ameen p.559
38. Characteristics of the Circum-Tyrrhenian Hercynian Massifs and Their Role in the Alpine-Apennine Chains

N. Minzoni p.579
39. Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Western Continental Margin of India: Evidence from Subsidence Studies for a 25-20 Ma Plate Reorganization in the Indian Ocean

A. Agrawal and J. J. W. Rogers p.583
40. Tectonics and Regional Unconformities of Eastern India Basins

J. J. Gallagher, Jr. p.591
41. Basement--Cover Relationships of the Peninsular Gneiss with the Greenstone Belts of Karnataka, India

A.G. Ugarkar p.599


42. Earthquake Faulting, Induced Fluid Flow, and Fault-Hosted Gold-Quartz Mineralization

R. H. Sibson p.603
43. Transpressive Tectonics and the Archean Gold Deposits of Superior Province, Canadian Shield

K. H. Poulsen, F. Robert, and K. D. Card p.615
44. Structural Controls During Formation and Deformation of Archean Lode - Gold Deposits in the Canadian Shield

R.Mason and H. H. Helmstaedt p.625
45. Tectonic Setting of Mesozoic Gold Deposits in the Canadian Cordillera

W. J. McMillan and A. Panteleyev p.633
46. Tectonic Setting of Au-Ag Deposits Hosted by Proterozoic Strata Along the Lewis and Clark Line, West-Central Montana

L.A. Woodward p.653
47. Geotectonic Setting of Western Pacific Gold Deposits

R.H. Sillitoe p.665
48. Felsic Magmatism and Hydrothermal Gold Deposits: A Tectonic Perspective

R. Mason p.679
49. Two-Stage Basement Fault-Block Deformation in the Development of the Witwatersrand Goldfields, South Africa

R. Myers, L G. Stanistreet, and T. S. McCarthy p.689
50. Archean Crustal Lead in the Helena Embayment of the Belt Basin, Montana

R. E. Zartman p.699
51. Tectonic Development of Base-Metal and Barite-Vein Deposits Associated with the Early Mesozoic Basins of Eastern North America

G.R. Robinson, Jr. p.711