9th Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents


1. Basement Tectonics in Australia: An Introductory Perspective

R.W.R. Rutland p.3
2. Fault Patterns During Normal and Oblique Rifting and the Influence of Basement Discontinuities: Application to Models for the Tectonic Evolution of the Perth Basin, Western Australia

D.R. Byrne and L.B. Harris p.23
3. The Pine Creek Shear Zone, North of Pine Creek (Northern Territory): Structural Evolution and Experimental Studies

J. Krokowski and S. Olissoff p.43
4. Basement and Cover Thrust Tectonics in Central Australia Based on the Arunta-Amadeus Seismic-Reflection Profile

R.D. Shaw, B.R. Goleby, R.J. Korsch and C. Wright p.55
5. Geometry of Permian to Mesozoic Sedimentary Basins in Eastern Australia and their Relationship to the New England Orogen

R.J. Korsch, K.D. Wake-Dyster, P.E. O'Brien, D.M. Finlayson and D.W. Johnstone p.85
6. Factors Affecting the Acquisition of Structural Data from Remotely-Sensed Images of Eastern Australia

C.R. Nash p.109
7. Elusive Trails in the Basement Labyrinth

E.S.T. O'Driscoll p.123


8. Analytical Study of Geologic Structure in the Cover Sediments by Virtual Basement Displacement Method

K. Kodama p.151
9. Geochemical Evolution and Basement Tectonism of the Arabian-Nubian Dome

H.O. Sindi p.161
10. Basement Tectonics of Saudi Arabia as Related to Oil Field Structures

H.S. Edgell p.169
11. An E-W Transect Section Through Central Iraq

S.A. Alsinawi and A.S. Al-Banna p.195
12. Conjugate Basement Rift Zones in Kansas, Midcontinent, U.S.A.

D.L. Baars p.201
13. The Sierra Alta de San Luis: A Case of Regmagenic Control of Gold Mineralization

H.G.L. Bassi p.211
14. Tar Pavement Rift - Transform Tectonic Model and Some Examples in Nature

M.B. Katz p.223
15. North-South Lineaments in the British Isles: A 1500myr Record of Reactivation

R.S. Haszeldine p.233
16. Basement-Cover Relationships in Orogenic Belts

M.J. Rickard p.247